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How does the app protect the driver’s privacy?2017-05-01T08:49:20+00:00

RoadChek is unique in its ability to stop tracking the user while off duty. The system can be set so that the app user can set a work schedule -for example, Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. When the day or time falls outside of those work hours, the app automatically stops functioning to assure privacy. The supervisor (or parent in the case of family use) can also set a work schedule in the RoadChek portal. The system will then identify anytime the driver’s schedule deviates from the supervisor’s schedule. For example, a user has an 8:30 to 4:30 work schedule but need to go to the doctor at 3:00 PM. The user can go “Off Duty” by simply flipping the On Duty / Off Duty toggle switch on the top of the app. The supervisor would then see an exception between the schedules. The worker’s privacy is protected while the supervisor is kept informed. That 1.5 hour exception will not be scored or tracked but the supervisor can review the exception with the employee and take remedial action if desired.

This work scheduling feature is unique and is a key to being able to provide peace of mind to an employee or family member. In the case of an employee, RoadChek provides tremendous benefits in improving safety, productivity, and customer service with an exceptionally low cost. Without its ability to be automatically disabled on a schedule or manually from the app, there would be privacy concerns from the employee. In addition, RoadChek’s ability to shut down on schedule provides significant benefits to battery consumption.

For example, in the case of a father and teenaged daughter, a mutually agreed upon schedule could be reached, whereupon the app would automatically start tracking when outside of curfew hours. If the daughter is not home by 11:00 PM, then the parents can gain peace of mind, seeing that the daughter is just on the way home.

How does RoadChek know if I’m not driving on a particular trip?2017-05-01T08:49:46+00:00

The driver can indicate on any trip if he or she were not driving. One-touch icons allow the app user to indicate that they were a passenger, traveling by public transportation, traveling by water or other. Those trips will then be excluded from the scoring calculations.

How is the driver’s score calculated?2017-05-01T08:50:14+00:00

RoadChek calculates the following driving behaviors using patented server-based processing to arrive at a trip score:

  • Phone use
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Hard cornering
  • Swerving
  • Jerking
  • Hard braking
  • Speeding

Each individual trip is scored and normalized, taking into account environmental factors, including traffic, weather, density, etc to ensure accuracy. Every individual trip is scored and shown on a detailed map for analysis, as well as shown to the driver on the phone app.

Scoring is then summarized each week for comparison so that driving trends can be identified.


What is unique about RoadChek versus other scoring apps?2017-05-01T08:50:33+00:00
  1. RoadChek uses patented technology that combines the use of GPS with accelerometer pattern analysis to reduce battery consumption and increase accuracy.
  2. For example, RoadChek knows when you’ve completed a trip, not just because your GPS motion has stopped, but because it recognizes walking patterns.
  3. RoadChek’s algorithms are processed by powerful cloud-based servers that normalize data against environmental factors to increase accuracy. For example, urban versus rural travel, weather, traffic density, etc.
  4. RoadChek is unique in its ability to know, through patterned motion recognition, when a driver picks up his phone, taps on the screen, etc -this is key to guarding against phone use while driving
  5. The app includes real-time tracking capability, driver messaging, detailed historical breadcrumbs with individual scored behavior events, reports and contextual driver coaching
What does the RoadChek app do?2017-05-01T08:50:49+00:00

RoadChek is a fleet management solution that increases the safety and productivity of field workers with the combination of a driver app and cloud-based portal. This safe driving solution combines driver behavior scoring and location tracking with fleet messaging and driver coaching to reduce fleet operating costs and improve customer service. The results provide a measurable, highly compelling return on investment. RoadChek is the single most accretive fleet improvement per dollar available today for any organization with external employees.

How Does The Free Trial Work?2017-05-01T08:51:11+00:00

The RoadChek 14-Day trial is 100% free. No credit card is required. There are no tricks!

This is an excellent way to see how RoadChek works and to witness first-hand, how RoadChek will provide measurable results very quickly.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be fully live on the system in just a few moments:

  1. Fill in the simple free trial info in the form below. We’re going to ask for an email address, your name and what you want to call your fleet. That’s it! Step 1 of the 3 part form will grab your name and email and verify its a real email address that you have access to. Step 2 of the form will ask for the fleet name you choose and Step 3 will log you right on to our RoadChek cloud-based portal.
  2. Once you’re logged onto the portal, go to Settings and in the top right, click on “Invite Member”. This is where you’ll send an invitation to your drivers. (App users) Simply fill in their email address (that they can check from their smartphone) and choose “Add as a driver to Team 1”. Then, press the “Invite Member” button to end out the invitation. If you want that driver to also be able to log on to the portal as a Supervisor, then click in the checkbox “Add as a Manager to Team 1”
  3. Have your driver check their email from their smartphone for the invitation. In the email are links to both versions of the app. Have the driver install the app, then launch it.
  4. The driver will be prompted for their email and a password, which they will use to log on. Now, have the driver go to “Settings” on the app and click on “My Teams”. Enter the unique activation code that was sent in the invitation. That’s it
RoadChek GPS smartphone tracking with driver behavior monitoring

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