Clock’s Ticking! Be smart and get the AOBRD product that works with Android or iOS

The countdown is on! You have less than six days left to get yourself and your drivers ready for the ELD mandate. If you’re having sleepless nights, are stressed out and don’t have a solution yet, here’s what you can do.

  1. First of all you need a trusted source who knows what they are doing and will give you what you need before December 18.
  2. Then you can ease yourself and your drivers into a fully fledged solution over the course of the next couple of years. Yes, there is an AOBRD solution in the market that will help you ease into the ELD mandate.

Get a trusted source

For a trusted source consider GPS Commander. For over 17 years GPS Commander has helped organization with their online GPS tracking solutions and wireless dispatch systems. GPS Commander provides a fresh approach to fleet tracking that’s simple to use, easy to install reliable, affordable, comes with warranty and 24/7 customer support.

Take an extra two years to migrate

If you don’t have a solution nailed down, GPS Commander has a great product for you. This AOBRD product has solid features and will allow you an extra two years as you ease your trucking company and drivers into migrating slowly while still being in check with the ELD mandate. The beauty of this product is that after the 2 years are up you can still used this product for the ELD.  Get your free quote on this limited time offer today and beat the December 18 deadline!

The PT-30 Black Box offering:

  • The PT-30 is a tiny Black Box which simply plugs into the ECM on any truck or car. A high quality cable is included to plug into the truck’s ECM. The PT-30 can be situated on top of or under the dash. This is the best product on the market, specifically designed for this purpose. It reads all the engine data and communicates by the latest bluetooth technology to the eTrack Certified AOBRD app which is running on the driver’s smartphone or tablet. Once you migrate later to ELD’s, you will still be able to use the PT-30.
  • The rules for AOBRD’s are only 3 pages long versus over 80 pages for the ELD mandate. The main difference is that you can edit the records, whereas any mistakes made with an ELD can be seen by everyone. This allows the drivers to become familiar with the HoS rules and processes, without the stress of having to get up to speed overnight. At any time over the next 2 years, you may migrate to ELD’s.
  • A 50% discount applied to the monthly fee, bringing it down to only $9.95 per month USD! 
  • Optional GPS tracking can be added for an additional $9.95 per month which includes features such as reports, gps playback, geo-fences and more.

This is your golden opportunity to get a trusted product by a solid source before December 18. You get an extra 2 years before you completely switch. It works with your iOS and Android and only has 3 pages of rules not 80! Build an Instant Quote on a GPS Commander solution right now!